Dungeon Crawl Classics Lankhmar: The Madhouse Meet

Today was Road Crew 2017 Session #3 for DCC NYC, and the poster for the group is hanging proudly in the window of the Brooklyn Strategist!


We had all seven slots RSVP’ed and five people on the waiting list but then only three folks showed up. LAME! But I can safely say that was the ONLY disappointing part of the evening.

We played Michael Curtis‘s The Madhouse Meet and added in sections from The Masks of Lankhmar to beef it up to a full four-hour session. It was a blast! We didn’t play it true Lankhmar-style (our Cleric of Bobugbulbilz was still calling upon the swampy chaos of the frog god) but we did play with the fleeting luck mechanic and had fun using that.

Volrath prayed to Bobugbulbilz and asked who he should deliver the Black Feather Blade to (the cost of carrying it was too great!) and the frog god told him to travel to the Great Salt Marsh and to deliver it to Sheelba of the Eyeless Face. The robed arm of Sheelba took the blade from the walking hut, and asked if he would do another favor and fetch a mask it wanted. Volrath agred. Meanwhile, Lyr had taken up work as a hired sword for the Temple of Justicia and Gowen had been taking on some stonemasonry gigs.

Next thing they knew the three of them were waking up shackled to the wall of a dungeon. Volrath managed to best the jailor and make an escape using a clever combination of Tadpole Transformation, Paralysis, and Darkness and free Lyr and Gowen. They managed to relocate some of their missing gear and sought escape from their captors. In doing so, they slew a bunch of crazy hairless albino cultists with overlong fingers. Gowen shoved the face of one such cultist into a vat of boiling water, and later, with Lyr, the two decapitated three in their sleep and kicked their heads at three playing dice. They clearly captured the wrong folk!

They eventually encountered the sorcerer they dubbed Fingers, and with the Divine Aid of Bobugbulbilz, Volrath was able to defeat the sorcerer while the warrior and the dwarf tackled the army of guards.

Upon escaping, Volrath spotted the tower that Sheelba had wanted him to fetch a specific mask from. After some time passed, they regrouped and tackled the tower. They fought flying robes and managed to use urine and the Food of the Gods spell to get through a potentially poisoned room. Ectoplasmic cobwebs made Gowen overwhelmed with the desire to possess Lyr’s Demon Blade and we had some PVP wrastling until they found themselves fighting off a horde of flying psionic masks. Volrath found the one he wanted and again called upon the frog god for divine aid but this time he was laughed at, for the frog god wanted to see the chaos that would erupt from the masks getting lose in the city. Much to the frog god’s disappointment, they destroyed them all before that could happen… all but the one Sheelba wanted.

Volrath brought it to the swamp and Sheelba was pleased. After spending a week in the swamp attempting to bond with the alien wizard, nothing happened. Volrath was fine though. It’s better his attention is focused on the swamp lord alone.

Oh, and Volrath is now our first third level character!

Next up:
– Sat Feb 25 – Appendix N Book Club: L. Sprague de Camp: The Complete Compleat Enchanter
– Sun Feb 26 – Dungeon Crawl Classics: The Arwich Grinder
– Sun Mar 16 – Appendix N Book Club: Robert E. Howard: The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard

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