Our DCC campaign got together for session #3!

Borlace decided to investigate the disappearing of Snorri, the town drunk, and crawled through his hovel on the outskirts of town, tracking in mud and pig shit. He discovered that he had carved hopeless messages into the walls of this haystack begging to be left alone. The newly-minted wizard tested his new-found skills in battle, bravely stepping up to face a pack of snarling hyena-men. His first spell didn’t go off but it did summon a face to appear from his chest, so he tore open his tunic, the face spoke another spell, which also failed and caused the caster’s ears to grow into huge, deformed, pointed monstrosities. Later he cast Ekim’s Mystical Mask, knowing that it would cause the death of someone he knew. That night he saw the ghost of Tamura, the town taxidermist, in his dreams. When they returned to town they discovered she had not opened her shop that day… His powers came to good use when it burned four hyena-men to a crisp in a single blast, and then he encircled the heads of giant rust beetles with toxic clouds and they retreated into the hills.

Gloria, the pious cleric of the Mountain God, used her power and position to undermine the current High Priestess in hopes that she can one day take her place. She prayed to her god asking for insight and was told to travel ahead for all was safe. Then after heeding her god, she found herself facing a pack of snarling hyena-men, where she nearly died after running in with her pitchfork ready to draw blood. Her god failed her, then demanded humility! Instead of feeling abandoned by her god, Gloria decided that she needed to pray harder to seek the good favor of her deity. Then, in the circle of standing stones atop a plateau, she commanded a door in the ground to open, and her god came through, opening their way!

Palant decided that with an absence of a constable in town, it was time that he step up and take the position, and he found himself in the lucrative (2sp/week) and demanding position. First he tried to subdue a brightly-robed halfling who was trying to break into the taxidermy shop but the little fellow got away. Later he hired Voldar to take over as Deputy Constable while he followed a treasure map to the north. His badass sword skills were put to good use when they encountered a pack of snarling hyena-men. His new-to-him scale mail, taken off the corpse of a dead adventurer, was saved from the bellies of the giant rust beetles by the magic of his companion.

Midhat made some coin after spending a few weeks performing controversial comedy pieces at Pembrooktonshire’s enchanted statue to the Mountain God. When three riderless horses came trotting into town covered in the blood of their previous riders, he was able to claim Shadowcat, the swift black mare he’d seen one of the members of the town’s previous adventuring gang riding. He accomplished quite a bit of looting while his companions were occupied with healing. In doing so, he managed to secure enough coin to score a longsword (later eaten by a giant rust beetle), a garrote, a blackjack, leather armor, and a treasure map leading to a circle of standing stones 20 miles to the north of town. He also secured himself the assistance of Gooch, an over-paid hireling.

Rupert Smallfellow used his skills as a dyer to make a lovely cloak of many colors to brazenly wear during his attempts at stealth. He began his career by attempting to break into the home of Tamura the Taxidermist to brighten her animals (that have been disappearing) but ran afoul of the new town constable. Upon hearing of more adventuring opportunities, he left town upon the back of Chumley, his hireling. He descended alone into Devil’s Pit and swam in an underground pool where he was pulled under by something from within the depths. Chumley ran screaming into the hills when they encountered three giant rust beetles. Later in the Crypt of Ildana he scouted ahead and taunted the screaming goblin faces adorning the walls by jabbing them in the eyeballs. He then sacrificed his technocolor dreamcoat to Ildana the Undying to grant the party access to the inner recesses of the lair.

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